The Inside Precision Medicine Team

The Inside Precision Medicine Team blends superior topic expertise and industry knowledge with a keen understanding of publishing in today’s tumultuous business environment. We are passionate about what we do, and go the extra mile to deliver high-impact ROI and meet your strategic goals.

Sande Giaccone

Group Publisher

tel: (914) 740-2211

Bill Levine

VP, Commercial Director

tel: (914) 740-2267

Victoria Shkreli

Director, Advertising Sales and Operations

tel: (914) 740-2167

Rebecca Shumbata

Strategic Marketing Consultant

tel: (617) 435-4786

Angelo Danza

Strategic Marketing Consultant

tel: (201) 230-0733

Stephen Farrell

Strategic Sales Business Development Representative

tel: (973) 239-8843

Scott Perillo

Mail Strategic Marketing Consultant

tel: (914) 740-2178