Integrated Marketing Services

Whether you have existing content assets to leverage or need to tell your story in an exciting and innovative new way, Inside Precision Medicine is the partner to captivate your prospects and demonstrate your unique ability to meet their needs. Optimization throughout the duration of your campaign ensures your prospects always receive the right message in the time and place that is right for them, and provides you with deep insight into your prospects’ unique preferences and behaviors. Define your custom audience segment based on demographics and behaviors, or specify target companies for highly effective account-based marketing.

Inside Precision Medicine Drive

Drive traffic to your own assets to build awareness at scale

Promote your educational, thought-leader content to a precision-targeted audience of known, engaged GEN readers. Drive qualified traffic and impressions to your branded content across email, social, and web over a timeframe aligned with a product launch, key event, or marketing milestone.

Inside Precision Medicine Activate

Educate and inspire your target audience to generate qualified leads

Bring your target audience on a multi-stage content journey to move them seamlessly to converted leads ready to invest. Campaigns consist of a series of triggered emails and social posts custom-developed by our expert team to put high-quality leads directly into your sales pipeline.

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