Inside Precision Medicine Marketplace

Inside Precision Medicine Marketplace is the industry’s leading digital platform that decision-makers trust to discover and invest in the latest vendor tools, services, and technologies to succeed.

Enable immediate discovery and cultivate leads year-round from highly qualified prospects who are ready to buy 

  • 12-month sponsorships drive long-term discovery of your products and services 
  • Dynamic digital platform accessible to buyers 24/7 directly on the Inside Precision Medicine Website 
  • Dedicated lead-generating product pages engage prospects with high-impact images, feature sets, educational assets, and multiple calls to action 
  • Utilize your existing videos, podcasts, webinars, tutorials, application notes, and other multimedia, or work with our team to create new content 
  • Receive a steady stream of exceptionally qualified leads who engage directly with your brand by requesting quotes, samples, tips & techniques, and additional in-depth product information 
  • Quarterly product page updates ensure your prospects are seeing the latest and greatest your solutions have to offer—or utilize Marketplace as a turnkey discovery gateway to your own website